Yokanga – Picking up the pace

March 2020

Picking up the pace

February has been an exciting month for the team at the Yokanga and preparations for reopening the lodge in June have gathered at pace. We are very pleased with the advancements shown so far and proudly share these with you as we anticipate a great season ahead of fishing on the north shore of the Kola Peninsula. It has been a very cold winter on the Kola and the snowfall has been higher than usual. Everybody seems to believe that this is an indication of a good season ahead for salmon.

Autumn run


The Yokanga is also happy to announce the opening of the Osenka (autumn) season. After last year’s fantastic results, September exploration with several Osenka salmon captured and regular hookups with colored fish of various sizes, we have made available the first three weeks of September 2020 for an exploratory-styled experience. The future for the Osenka season also looks bright since our anti-poaching operations have proved highly successful in combating poachers’ efforts throughout the year.

Gremikha improvements

Building of the new facilities at Gremikha is continuing through the tough winter conditions and the progress has everyone very excited. The new structures will allow for each guest to enjoy private, en-suite accommodations and the dining room and lounge area will complement the beautiful view of the surroundings and offer reprieve from the elements. It has been an arduous journey to get this far, with all supplies arriving by ship at the nearby harbor and then having to be transported across the ice to the construction site. Teams have been working day and night to ensure that everything is completed on time.

New boats

A complete revamp of the guiding equipment is also underway and the Yokanga has teamed up with NRS from the USA for custom-built fly-fishing rafts that will ensure the safety and comfort of all the guides and fishermen. These boats have been especially designed with the characteristics of the Yokanga River in mind. They will be small enough to maneuver through the twists and turns of the rapids but spacious enough to ensure that fly fishermen have everything aboard that they need.

Bookings for the 2020 season are also looking very good and we have limited rods available. If you haven’t made a decision about your salmon fishing for 2020, drop us a mail (info below) and book yourself the opportunity to fish the mighty Yokanga River with us.

Warmest Regards

Arni Baldursson – arnibald@lax-a.is

Francois Botha – info@yokanga.com