West Ranga in late July

Late July (from July 20th and onwards) is a very good time in West Ranga; we’ve seen daily catches go up to and above 100 salmon. But on an average day in an average year (if there is such a thing), daily catches are between 60 and 80 salmon, 3 – 4 salmon per rod.
Late July is the height of the summer here in Iceland, sunny skies and mild weather; often the temperatures reach 20 degrees Celsius (68 Fahrenheit) in the southern part of Iceland. For many rivers such conditions are terrible, but not West Ranga. West Ranga is a fairly cold river and sunny days bring the water temperature to the desired 8 – 12 degrees Celsius. This is also the time when the salmon runs are reaching their peak and practically all salmon are fresh and very strong fighters.

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