Veidiflugur tackle shop – Reykjavik

Great Fly Shop to visit when you arrive in Iceland and on your way to your Salmon river. Owner Fridjon Már Sveinbjörnsson is at your service at the Veiðiflugur shop , he have everything you can imagine for Salmon fishing in Iceland all from Tubes to Micro Hitches , clothes , rods and reels including all the new stuff from LOOP. If you are planning Russia Fridjon can mail you the most important flies for spring fishing for trophy fish in Russa , the original German Snaelda in various sizes ( also in other colors ) also the deadly FRIGGI and Green Skull , if you have this few tubes , you have all you need for the early season fishing in Russia. You will find Fridjon in his shoop in Reykjavik address Langholtsvegur 111, Telephone +354 527-1060 or Fridjons Mobile +354 691-5382 . e mail for ordering