Varmá is a little gem

Varmá River is a small delicate river only about 30 minute drive from Reykjavik. Varmá is unique in the sense that it is the only river in Iceland where you can find all kinds of freshwater fish that are native to the country. There is brown trout and sea-run trout, there is arctic char and sea – run arctic char, there is salmon, eel, flounder and even rainbow trout.

The sea-run trout is especially sought after as they can grow very large and are a wonderful fish to catch, explosive and fierce with tremendous runs.  Varmá is also known for its large stationary arctic char, some reported over 15 pounds.

In the river all techniques are go, with fish caught on streamers as well as dry flies and anything in between.

Varmá is perfect as a combo with the trout beat in Tungufljot or Sog. Ask about our packages with a lodge and licenses in prime time in April and May.

Here is more info about Varmá:  Varmá

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