Tungufljot trout beat

The gin clear Tungufljot is only just over an hour from Reykjavik. The river which is medium in size is divided in to a salmon beat below the waterfall Faxi and a trout beat above.

The trout beat spans a huge area and covers not only the main river Tungufljot but also the smaller tributaries which flow in to the Tungufljot. The trout fishing is often best in the smaller rivers  which are very delicate and you have to use caution not to spook the brown trout.

The smaller streams are best suited for nymphs and dry flies.   In the main river and in the junction the trout can be bigger but fewer. There the best plan of action is to use streamers to imitate the smaller fish which the big boys prey on.

The trout fishing is sold as license only but we can arrange for good accommodation close by.

Tight Lines

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