Sight-fishing in Gin Clear Water

Tungnaá is a formerly milky glacial river that became gin clear in 2013 as a consequence of a newly opened hydro-electric power plant.

The new plant transformed this formerly rough, dark river into a fascinating crystal-clear stream, flowing into beautiful miniature canyons as well as more traditional pools filled with both Ice Age brown trout and big arctic char.

This Highland stream is probably one of the best kept trout-fishing secrets in the world. The river offers a more technical challenge, where stealth, among other attributes, is essential. The native brown trout and arctic char average 3-5 lbs, with some monsters reaching up to 12 lbs.

The Highlands

The Highlands are truly the heart of Iceland. With its uncanny beauty and epic scenery the Highlands offer you an experience unlike any other.

Here you can truly become one with nature as the Highlands are untouched and inhibited by men. The vast wilderness – mountains, deserts, canyons, lakes and rivers – demonstrates the powerful forces of fire and ice which have shaped the landscape on this volcanic island over centuries.

The geological extremes are unlike any other. Next to dark sands one can find bright glowing green moss, red rocks or boiling water. Amidst all of this beauty there is the trout and the arctic char – peacefully cruising the gin clear streams of the Highlands like it has done from the Ice age.

The experience cannot be put into words – it has to be lived!

Location: South Iceland, About 150km from Reykjavik,

Fishing season: May 15th to September 30th.

Prime time:  June, July, September
Average catch: 2-4 trout per day

Average size of fish: 2-3 lbs can be up to 8lbs

Fishing hours:
June 23rd –August 9th  07:00-13:00 & 16:00-22:00
August 10th – September 15th 07:00-13:00 & 15:00-21:00

Tackle: Single handed rods, light gear. #4-6

Best flies: Streamers, nymphs and dry-flies

Access: 4×4 vehicle a must


The Highland Fishing Lodge – Þóristungur

When fishing the Highland rivers, guests will stay in the Highland Lodge. Completely renovated for the 2019 season the lodge offers a quiet and secluded stay in the Highlands.

It has six double/twin bedrooms and can, therefore, accommodate 12 people. The bedrooms are not big but each bedroom has a sink and a large wardrobe. A shared bathroom with two toilets and three showers is at the lodge.

The cozy living room and a dining room are perfect to relax after a long day of fishing and enjoying a good meal and a drink.