Trout fishing options – 2019

Iceland is blessed with ample trout fishing opportunities as well as the salmon fishing. The trout fishing tends to be more budget friendly but an excellent experience non the less.

The trout in Iceland can even better the salmon in terms of size, some of the largest fish overall caught in Iceland have been the massive ice age trout in Lake Þingvellir, the largest being close to 40 pounds!

Here are our best options for trout fishing in 2019:

Lake Þingvellir – prime time middle of April – end of May. We offer rods at private beets with a good chance of the large trout. More info here: Þingvellir Monster Trout 

Laxa Myvatnssveit/Laxardalur – Prime time late spring, early summer. This is some of the best brown trout river fishing you will find anywhere in the world. More info here: Myvatnssveit 

Tungufljot Trout Beat: Prime time, June and onward. Budget friendly brown trout fishing, massive beat with a main river and smaller tributaries.  Here is more info: Tungufljot Trout 

Tungufljot Sea Trout river: Prime time, April and September- October. Not to be confused with Tungufljot trout beat this is another river with the same name. Simply one of the best sea-trout rivers in Iceland. Here you an catch sea-trout up 20 pounds if lucky, be sure to have plenty of backing.  Here is more info: Tungufljot sea trout

Varmá: Prime time, spring and autumn. Varmá is a little river only half an hour from Reykjavik, the river has all of Iceland’s freshwater fish there are but is best know for the sea-trout. Here you can catch a salmon, sea-trout, arctic char, brown trout and an eel in the same day if you are very lucky. Here is more info about the river: Varmá

I will happily assist you in organizing your dream trout trip to Iceland

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