The reasons I cannot get enough of Scotland

There is no place like Scotland. I have been there almost every year since I was a little kid and it holds a very dear place in my heart. I will share some of the memories I hold so dear there and what fascinates me.
Fishing in Scotish rivers, such as the Dee, I think is well described as historical. There is something magical about fishing the places where the Spey rods originated in the mid 1800s, and the surroundings are nothing less than spectacular.

From the moment I drive in the Scotish landscape… whilst trying to remember to drive on the other side of the road, I just feel like I am situated in a movie set. I love driving past these dry stone fences and watching a roebuck as they silently pass or a hare jumping fast away like he thinks he´s too late for Easter.Driving down to the Lower Crathes on the Dee… it feels like home. My favorite pool on the river is the Mill pool, I think partly because I love the setting of it, watching those big trees on the other side and stepping on those paves that come out on the river on my side. Mostly though because the salmon at that pool have teased me like nowhere else, meaning that it drives me insane until I will hold it in my hand just to gently release it again of course…

The fishing on the Dee has been hard for the last couple of years but we are thrilled about the numbers so far this season on the Lower Crathes, 5 salmon were caught there yesterday and 18 salmon were caught last week… it is safe to say we are almost fainting of excitement!

My father, Arni Baldursson, has been fishing the Dee for since 1988, and probably seen almost every condition the river has been in. I asked him about one of his most memorable days there, which was a couple years back on the Riddles pool of the Lower Crathes. This was his last day fishing and he was fishing the smallest pool of the beat, which sometimes generally gave him one fish but this morning, he landed 6 salmon in a row on the pool on a floating line and tiny flies. It was an unbelievable morning he tells me and this is how the Dee can be, very generous and you never know as it can happen any day.

Now we are packing bags and heading for the Lower Crathes full of excitement for the coming adventure. For more information on Scotland or availability, please contact:

All my best,Valgerdur