The Magic Green Bismo …..

Green Bismo! This is the fly / tube that have done so amazingly well for me and my friends this late season / autumn , it is a killer … salmon goes totally nuts for it ! You need normal to high water , fish it slow , fast …. normal angle , straight a cross the river and wait a bit and then stripp it in the belly. We have been using sink tip 2 to 3 or even 4 , we cut the sink tip short to 4 to 6 feet , easy and wonderful to cast with the short sink tip , it works that i can tell you. Easy to make your self , or you can have them from my good friend Fridjon at , One thing is for sure it is good to have them in your fly box , the size that worked best for us is 3 to 4 cm long wing , and even longer if you are fishing in to the dark. If the river have reasonable temperatures 8 on celcius and up then no need for sink tip , stay on the full floating line.