The Golden Dorado

Many are just discovering where Golden Dorado dwell….only a few have any clue where the monsters are….Yahape is located on the Parana River in the Northern province of Corrientes. We fish two different lodges on the Parana on the border between Argentina and Paraguay. This watershed is simply awesome and holds some of the biggest, strongerst Golden Dorado in the world. And also, World Class record size Pira Pita and Pacu.
I fished Yahape in January 2008 and enjoyed extraordinary personal service, guiding, and comfortable lodging and dining. The fishing for Dorado here is regarded as the best in all Argentina. The High Parana is a large system that is a tailwater about 70 kilometers below the Yacireta Dam. Because it is a tailwater, unlike other large Argentine rivers, the water is generally clear. The nature of the river and fish requires skill, so the better, more experienced casters are rewarded.

The reason is that much of the fishing is site casting to fish you see, or have seen, near tree stumps, behind rocks, or under overhangs and along cut banks. Accurate casts are rewarded. You will be fishing for Dorado up to 25+ pounds.

Pacu is considered the “Permit of Argentina “, and is the attraction for the best anglers because of its size and power. Pacu in the 14 to 25 pound range are also bagged. The Pira Pita is a smaller fish, to about 15 pounds, and acts basically like a trout. It is an incredible experience to see one of these big bruisers slowly come to the surface and sip in your bumble bee imitation. I managed to catch all three species during my visit and while hooking no real monsters, each was a thrilling delight and action packed experience. All this in a magnificent and enthralling fresh water jungle environment. There are monkeys in the trees, toucans , and an array of other birds and animals.

Fred Clough


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