Svarta river 2011 report

Svarta is one of our finest fly-only rivers with a very comfortable lodge and crystal clear waters. Nestled nicely in the middle of the big salmon territory in the north western part of the island, this river boasts of a very high 2 winter salmon / grilse ratio – often around 40%.
When Lax-a took charge of the river several years ago, we immediately turned it to a fly only river and we have now taken it a step further and introduced a mandatory release of all salmon over 70 cm in length (multi winter salmon).
The lodge was renovated in the spring of 2011 with the kitchen being remodeled and the water supply to the lodge greatly improved (limited water supply was becoming a problem).
Svarta gave up 300 of her fantastic and powerful salmon this past summer in what was in many ways a peculiar season. The Blanda river (to which Svarta is a tributary) was jam packed with salmon, but for some reason the salmon headed up Svarta very late this year. In late September we had reports of powerful salmon runs from Blanda to Svarta – but alas this was too late for our anglers. The 300 salmon this summer was a bit below par in our view, but many rivers in Iceland underperformed this summer – even the very best ones.
For the past few years we have been releasing smolts into the river (from Svarta salmon stock of course), and this has given good results. We tread both lightly and carefully in this regard, even though we have many years of experience under our belt – we are always mindful of the fact that every eco system is in a delicate balance.
The river is of a perfect size and her fast flowing waters are a real joy to fish, the fly swinging around ant highs speed will often produce a very visual and spectacular result.
Prime weeks in the river are from the end of July until late August – with mid-July being a very attractive time as well.

Please contact Lax-a staff for further information.