Stora Laxa in 2019

The Stora Laxa is an absolute gem of a river. Only around one and a half hour from Reykjavik but still in a very remote setting.

The river has four beats and they all come with a nice self-catering lodge all of whom have a Jacuzzi, BBQ and of course a kitchen.

Beat 1&2 is the lowest beat of the river and is fished with four rods. The beat is especially known for its out of this world fishing in the fall when the salmon that have been staying in the larger river Hvíta enter to head to their spawning grounds.

Beat one and two is also productive throughout  the summer and here there is also a chance of good size arctic char.

Beat three is the middle beat of the river. A beautiful beat fished with only two rods so it is perfect for a small group of friends.

Beat 4 is the topmost beat and many say it is the most beautiful piece of salmon water you will ever find. The beat is set in a large canyon and you have to be relatively fit to fish it. Here you have a chance of big salmon in beautiful setting and crystal clear water. Beat four is fished with four rods.

We have a few rods left in Stora Laxa this summer, we can even offer a trip where you fish all beats in the same trip.

Tight Lines

Johann David –