Stora Laxa fly only and catch and release policy

Stora Laxa is made for fly fishing and should of course be fly fishing only and so it will be from 2011. The river is famous for it´s big salmon. To protect and increase the big fish of Stora Lax-a we have decided that all 2 winter salmon over 70 cm will be released, there is no exception. You may if you wish on beat 1 and 2 and 3 , keep 1 smaller salmon pr. rod a day for the kitchen or at max 6 salmon a week that is under 70cm. Beat no. 4 is unique, enourmus long mountain beat that needs a lot of salmon for spawning, on beat 4. all salmon regardless of sizes have to be released. This regulation will secure the future of the river, our guests will enjoy much more and better sport, fishing over so many salmon that have not been killed. Arni