Stora Laxa beat 4 news and photos – high water

Friends of mine started fishing the Stora Laxa beat 4, the river is massive as there is much more water there then usual. The first days were slow because of the cold and high water which made it hard to find the fish. We hope the high water will though in fact bring lots of fish in so when the water comes down we can have a lottery !

They lost one on the Holmabreida pool which can be the best in the high water and caugh a 3 pound trout the day after. Despite the lack of fish they have beatiful weather and amazing sunset as we seem to be seeing here in Iceland these days. Photos are from an angler from the tour, he hooked a big salmon on the Holmabreida pool just 20 minutes before the tour was over. Unfortunately he got away after a few minutes battle, but now we know the fish is already there.

Looking forward to more news, this is one of my favorite rivers by far in Iceland so we will see how fast the water level will go down.

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All my best,
Valgerdur Arnadottir