Stora Laxa – beat 4 – 2018

Stora Laxa is absolutely unique. It is a river where you simply go wow looking down at every pool. And down you will look in beat four because the river flows in deep canyons throughout the beat.

The river is gin clear and in some pools you can count the salmon from above in the clear water. But you must approach with caution as you walk down the hill, if they see you as well you will probably not get them to take.

The best time in Stora Laxa is usually in the beginning of the season and then again in the autumn. The river has a stock of early going salmon and another one of salmon that enter late when the autumn rains start.

We have by chance a prime autumn week up for grabs – September 6-12th.  Grab your rod and try something spectacular this fall!

Tight Lines

Johann David –