Stora Laxá beat 3 , guiding ….

Short guiding on Beat 3 Stóra Laxá ..
As before i will only be guiding you at the most important pools on beat 3 , rest of the pools is less important, you can figure out your self. We start at the top at pool Jarnhylur , a major pool in every way , the hot spot is from where the stream calms down until the middle lower part of the pool , most of the fish will be from the middle of the stream and all the way to the other site, long cast is important. Jarnhylur is very much underestimated pool and hardly fished as it is 15 minutes walk up there through the canyons , the easy access to the pool is simply to drive up to beat 4 and access it from the top , then you can drive all the way , you fish Jarnhylur from the west bank. Next great pool and one of the most famous pool on the river is Idan pool , I fish that pool from the east bank , you walk up under the cliffs where the pool starts , the hot spot is from the big stone/ cliff standing in the river on the west bank , you will fish 40 meters below that cliff .. best spot is 5 meters above the cliff and 10 meters below the cliff. Next pool Heljarthrom is normally the best pool on the beat , you from the east bank / gravel bank , best spot is from the very top until the big cliff ends , about 50 meters , if water is high you need to fish all the flat down, do not wade deep .. fish can be very much on your side. Couple of km down stream there is a pool called Stapi one of my top favorite , there is a big stone in the river on the east bank , you will have to start 100 meter above that stone , hot spot in middle pool and east side. Next pool is 200 meters below , called Hlidareyrar , hot spot is from top down to middle of the pool , I have never caught a salmon on the lower part of that pool. Next pool below is called Sveinsker , great pool for running fish , you start where the two streams come together and all the way to the end of the pool , the best area is when you are casting to the other site where the cliff ends , there is a sandy beach on the other side , when you are casting towards this sandy beach you are in the best spot. These are only 6 pools , but major ones and they will provide over 80% of the catch on the beat. Feel welcome to contact me at if you need more information.
Pictures from Raymond Plourde