Stora Laxá beat 3…..

This is the famous pool Sveinsker on Stora Laxá beat 3 , one of my favorite pool on the Stora Laxá , the hot spot is where the two streams meet and all the way down to the very tail , midway I always find to be the best. There is a new pool that almost no-one knows about , 150 meters above the Sveinsker Cliff is another Cliff and smaller one , since two summers ago there have been a new beautiful run coming there made by nature it self , I always either land a Salmon there or loose one or two , this last spring I hooked one of the biggest Icelandic Salmon in my life in this pool , I fight it for 30 minutes and this monster was at my feet when the hook came out and he gave me this funny smile and took slowly off in to the deep .. I never will forget this fish , big fresh cock fish and nothing less than 30 pounds… Arni