Small river- Big fish

I know many anglers are keen on fishing rivers which are on the smaller size but still hold big fish. There is something special about fighting a MWS in a small gin clear stream on you single hander. That is a whole different ball game from the larger rivers with the heavier current where a large Spey rod works best.

We at LaxA have a few rivers in the category of: Small/medium river with the chance of getting many MWS.

One of those rivers and in fact one of the best in the country is river Svartá up north. Svartá is a four rod gin clear tributary to the massive Blanda river. All the salmon that run river Svartá have to run river Blanda first with its massive current and heavy water. This has produced a very strong string of salmon; I would say pound for pound the fishing Blanda and Svartá are the hardest fighting salmon I have ever encountered.

When you hook up to one of those guys on your single hander in Svartá you have to use all the knowledge in your arsenal and be able to run. Run like hell.

One of my ideas of haven is a combo trip to Blanda beat one and Svartá and I urge you to give it a go. Or just Svartá, that river on its own is enough to keep you with memories for the whole year.

Tight Lines

Johann David –