Sharing a rod in Iceland

Salmon fishing is a an expensive sport, specially if you are fishing the better rivers at prime time. Fishing hours are long or from 07:00 in the morning until 22:00 hours in the evening with a lunch brake. This is a long fishing day and most of the time fishing is good with a few salmon landed every day, sometimes big numbers. Many anglers do not realize that in Iceland it is possible ( actually very popular ) to save 50% of the daily / weekly price and share a rod with a friend , that is to say .. you fish only 1 rod at a time on the river , but 2 anglers fish this rod during the whole day / week in a rotation. Still plenty of fishing for both and gives some welcoming coffie brakes and good chat with your guide in between. You save 50%, only difference is that you pay board and lodging for the second person at extra cost.

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