Self catering options in Iceland

Lax-á offers both full service lodges and self catering ones in the 30 rivers we offer in Iceland. The self catering lodges are usually by a smaller river where you have the river to yourself. Number of rods are from 1 – 4 which suits up to 8 anglers to share. It is very common here in Iceland to share a rod but then friends or couples buy just one rod/license and then change turns fishing. The fishing day is long and often hard work so for many it is more enjoyable and relaxed way of fishing not to mention that it is also more economical.

If you visit our website and go to Iceland, Self catering salmon rivers you find the list of the rivers we have. Best time for salmon fishing is July and August, but for some June and September are good.

Stóra Laxá – New to our selection!
Prime time: August 10th to September 25th
Self catering, three different beats – three different lodges!

Beat 1&2 (4 rods) is really good in September and we have rods available September 3rd to 9th (afternoon – noon).
Tungufljót – 6 rods are sold on the main part. There are 3 lodges so 2 rods are sold together.
Prime time: mid July to end of August.

Langadalsá is a 4 rod river with privacy and beautiful surroundings. Located in the Westfjords
Prime time: July 10th to August 20th. Lodge is recently renovated, 8 twin rooms with spacious dining room and veranda surrounding the lodge.

Hallá – Light tackle fly-fishing in gin clear river

Prime time: July 20th to August 20th.
2 twin rooms with bunk beds and s studio couch in the living room- jacuzzi on the veranda and a outdoor shower.