Salmon fishing in Stora Laxa

River Stora Laxa holds a special place in our hearts, if you have never been there it is difficult to explain why the river draws us back again and again but i will try.

First and foremost the landscape is out of this world, huge canyons and in them the river flows gin clear with beautiful pools where you can count the fish from above. We would not recommend it though, because if you can see the salmon chances are he will see you. Keeping a low profile and sneaking down the canyon is better for success.

And stora keeps big salmon, every year a few over 20 pounds are caught and salmon over 10 pounds are quite common. Imagine yourself in a river with huge cliffs on both sides fighting a huge salmon!

We have a slot open in beat four July 6-10th. This is an excellent option for the early going MVS. Being in Stora beat four in the height of summer is something i will most definitely recommend.

Tight Lines

Johann David –