Þvera Salmon River

The Thvera is the lower part of the Thvera/Kjarra river, originating in the north-western highlands of Iceland. Thvera has all the qualities that make Icelandic rivers unique in the world of salmon fishing. Crystal clear water and endless variety of pools flowing along lush fields and fertile farmland.

The Thvera/Kjarra river boasts some of the highest catches of any Icelandic river. The average catch for the past ten years is just under 2800 salmon annually with the best year exceeding 4000 salmon landed. The prime season runs from the last week of June well into August and in recent years the best weeks have produced over 600 salmon between the two lodges. During the prime period on the river an angler can expect to land between four to six salmon to his rod per day.

The Thvera river stretches for 26 km. The fishing is organised on a three or six day basis commencing mid-afternoon on the first day and finishing at noon on the last day of fishing. There are 107 named pools on the Thvera that offer the angler a vast variety in fishing, from fast moving streams in the upper river, down to the meadow pools where the river flows quietly along the flourishing fields. Most of the beats are easily accessible, with no trees to hinder casting.  Thvera river is fly only and catch-and-release, but anglers can take one grilse per rod per day.

The first spring salmon return to the river of their birth at the end of May. As spring turns to summer the runs of salmon steadily increase until they reach their peak in July. Fishing remains consistent well into August, with fresh runs of salmon still arriving, though in smaller numbers. The season comes to an end in early September with the onset of autumn and ever shortening days.


South West Iceland, about 97 km from Reykjavik. Approx one and a half hours drive.

GPS: 64°45’07″N 21°20’41″W

Fishing season: Beginning of June – Early September

Prime time: Last week of June – Early August

Number of rods: 7

Fishing hours: 12 hours per day

Average size of fish: 8 lbs.

Guide: One per two rods

Lodge: Full service fishing lodge. Beautiful lodge overlooking the river with a nice dinner area, bar and of course a Jacuzzi.

There are comfortable twin/double rooms.

Tackle: Single handed rods and small double handed rods/switch rods. Size 7-9.

Best flies:

Silver Sheep, Black and Red Francis, Arndilly Fancy, Collie Dog, Green Brahan, Micro Hitch, Sunray Shadow and Small Cone Heads.

Fly sizes 12 and 14 are most common.


In spite of the relatively mild climate, you should bring warm clothing and, most importantly, quality rain wear and a windcheater.

Please check out the average temperature table here below. Chest waders and wading shoes. Nicer clothes to wear for dinner.

Tackle disinfection: 

Iceland has always been free of diseases like UDN and Gyrodactylus salaris and we intend to keep it that way. There is a strict policy of visiting anglers having their tackle sterilized before coming to Iceland.

This should be done in a 2% formaldehyde solution for 10 minutes and performed by a veterinary surgeon. Tackle sterilized in Virkon S is also acceptable.

A signed inventory of what has been sterilized should be provided by the vet for presentation to the customs officers at Keflavik airport.

The most important items to be treated are: rods, reel/line, waders and flies. The process can be carried out by staff at Keflavik airport. The office is located at the far side of the baggage reclaim hall, downstairs in the airport.

Just notify one of the personnel in the area that you need your tackle disinfected and they will have a member of the staff come and complete the process. The price for one fishing set is around 4.500 Icelandic krona.

Flights:  There are many airlines that offer a scheduled flights to Iceland. Icelandic based airlines are: Icelandair: www.icelandair.is Wow Air: www.wow.is

Documentation & Visas: Citizens from the European Economic Area (comprising the EU, Switzerland and Liechtenstein), US and Canada need only a passport valid for at least three months after the planned date of arrival to enter Iceland for up to three months.

Currency: Icelandic Krona. Visa and Mastercard credit cards and Maestro and Visa Electron are accepted widely.

Language: Icelandic, but most Icelanders speak English as well.

Electricity. Most facilities operate on 220-volt, 50-cycle system. A Converter will be necessary for any electrical items that require a 110-volt, 60-cycle system.

In case of an emergency dial 112: Guide and lodge staff will be in assistance with any problems that might occur.

Equipment hire: 

If you want to hire fishing equipment, please send us the name and the shoe-size for each individual.

And please let us know if a single or double handed rod is preferred.

Please note that fly casting instruction can be arranged by your guide: please let us know to give him advance time.


The newly renovated accommodation at Thvera lodge is luxurious and set in magnificent natural scenery. The lodge offers a large and attractive living room, a dining room and a large terrace with great views of the river and its surroundings. There are seven twin-bedded suites and seven twin-bedded rooms with a private shower.

There is an outdoor Jacuzzi on the terrace and an outdoor Finnish sauna where one can relax after a day’s fishing. The Lodge has Wifi, TV and a music system.

Our award-winning chefs and attentive staff will do their utmost to make your stay a memorable one.

At Thvera lodge, anglers enjoy a three-course dinner prepared by a renowned team of award-winning chefs from some of the best restaurants in Reykjavik, as well as a continental breakfast in the morning and a two course lunch.  The guests are provided with the best there is in Icelandic cuisine and a distinguished selection of wines from around the world. All the meals are prepared using only the freshest ingredients.

We can cater for special needs with advanced notice.