This exellent Salmon fishing beat on the river Sog is only 45 minutes drive from capital Reykjavik. The Asgard beat in the river Sog is well known for large salmon,  ideal for fly fishing , floating lines and riffling hitch works very well.  The beat is 5.6 km long is exclusive for 3 salmon rods. The river is gin clear and here is never a problem with floods , brown water , high water or low water , it is simply very steady and always gin clear.

Fishing is good , in 2009 there where 247 salmon landed , in 2010 there where 316  salmon landed and in 2011 there where 220 salmon landed.  You will also enjoy catching Landlocked and Searun Arctic Charr as well as Seatrout.

 For all further information on this fishing destination contact Arni at or call my mobile at +354 8983601

Location:  Southwest Iceland  (60 km from Reykjavik)
Fishing season: July 1st to September 31st.
Prime time: July 10th to August 20th
Average size of fish: 9 lbs. – All salmon over 70 cm must be released.
Guide: Can be arranged.
Lodge: Big and comfortable lodge with 3 twin rooms, sauna and Jacuzzi
Tackle: Double handed rods 11 – 13′, weight 8-10
Best flies:
Black & Red Frances (sizes 14-18, also micro cones and ¼ – 1 inch tubes)
Blue Charm (sizes 14 – 18)
Green Butt (sizes 14-18, also micro cones and ¼ – 1 inch tubes)
Black & Blue (sizes 14 – 18)
SunRay Shadow (1 – 1½ inches)
Hitch tubes

Map: Sog Asgard

Please note the accommodation is sold separately.

The lodge is very cozy and comfortable and well equipped.

The lodge is 100 square meters and has a large veranda with views over the river. There is a Jacuzzi on the veranda and inside you will find sauna room – perfect for relaxation after the fishing.

The lodge has a full kitchen with a fridge, microwave and conventional stove plus oven.  There is a large freezer as well. If you prefer a good old BBQ there is both a coal and a gas one.

The lodge has 3 twin bedrooms and one suite all with a private bathroom. There is a large living room and a toilet with a shower.