Langá is one of Iceland’s top rivers with an average catch of 2000 salmons per year;It is renowned for its beauty and is a fly fisherman’s paradise. In all the river has 93 named pools so there is plenty of space for the 12 rods that fish the river. Langá is medium in size and gin clear, the river is perfectly suited for light gear, small flies and hitch.

Number of salmons caught per year in river Langá:

      2009    2010  2011   2012   2013    2014   2015  2016  2017 2018

              2254    2235   1934   1098   2815    595     2616  1433   1701  1635                    

Langá was one of the first rivers that the British leased in Iceland so the river has a tradition of fly fishing dating back to early 19th century. In fact it was an English lady by the name of; „ Walterina Favoretta Kennard“ that leased the river from early in the 19th century all the way until she was forced to abandon it when world war II started and most of her clients had to report for duty. Mrs. Kennard and the gentlemen she catered for loved the river and so will you.

When Mrs. Kennard leased the river there were several large waterfalls that hampered the fish from migrating up stream until later in the season when water levels were lower. But since 1962 there have been built five fish ladders in the river to ensure the salmon has clearer passage up stream. With the constructions of the ladders and other improvements the fishable area of the river has increased from 13 to 26 km. The river also benefits from reservoir in Lake Langárvatn so the river hardly ever suffers from lack of water.


Location: West Iceland, about 95 km from Reykjavik.

Directions: Drive Highway 1 west trhough the „Hvalfjörður“ tunnel and onwards to the village of Borgarnes. Drive through the village and after a short distance you will arrive at a roundabout. Take the third exit marked Snæfellsnesvegur (nr. 54).n Drive for a short while until you come across the bridge over the river marked„Langá“. Do not cross the bridge but take road 536 to the right towards „Jarðlingsstaðir“ . after a short while you should see the farm Jarðlingsstaðir on your right hand side and then the lodge: „Langárbyrgi“ is on the left side.

Fishing season: June 21st – Sept 24th.

Prime time: July 5th – August 5th

Guide: One per two rods.

Lodge: Full service lodge, private rooms with bathroom, living room, dining room, changing room with wader drying facilities, sauna.

Fishing hours: 21st – August 16th 7-13 & 16:22 / August 16th – Sept 24th 7-13 &15:00 – 21:00
Tackle: Single handed rod, line 6-9

Best flies: Small riffling hitch tubes, Frances, Snælda, Langá Fancy

Clothing: In spite of the relatively mild climate, you should bring warm clothing and, most importantly, quality rain wear and a windcheater. Please check out the average temperature table here below. Chest waders and wading shoes. Nicer clothes to wear for dinner.
Tackle disinfection: 

Iceland has always been free of diseases like UDN and Gyrodactylus salaris and we intend to keep it that way. There is a strict policy of visiting anglers having their tackle sterilized before coming to Iceland. This should be done in a 2% formaldehyde solution for 10 minutes and performed by a veterinary surgeon. (Tackle sterilized in Virkon S is also acceptable.) A signed inventory of what has been sterilized should be provided by the vet for presentation to the customs officers at Keflavik airport. The most important items to be treated are: rods, reel/line, waders and flies.

The process can be carried out by staff at Keflavik airport. The office is located at the far side of the baggage reclaim hall, downstairs in the airport. Just notify one of the personnel in the area that you need your tackle disinfected and they will have a member of the staff come and complete the process. The price for one fishing set is 3.500 Icelandic krona.


There are many airlines that offer scheduled flights to Iceland, Icelandair is the national carrier.



Documentation & Visas:

Citizens from the European Economic Area (comprising the EU, Switzerland and Liechtenstein), US and Canada need only a passport valid for at least three months after the planned date of arrival to enter Iceland for up to three months.
Currency: Icelandic Krona. Visa and Eurocard/Mastercard credit cards and Maestro and Visa Electron are accepted widely.

Language: Icelandic, but Icelanders speak English as well.

Electricity. Most facilities operate on 220-volt, 50-cycle system. A Converter will be necessary for any electrical items that require a 110-volt, 60-cycle system.

Duty-free: Allowed on arrival one of the following choices:

1 lither of alcohol and 1 liters of wine.

1 lither of alcohol and 6 liters of beer.

1 lither of wine and 6 liters of beer.

One carton of cigarettes can be brought in to the country per person

Good to know:

Daylight                            Sunrise                                Sunset

May                                     3:55 AM                             10:12 PM

June                                    2:42 AM                             11:32 PM

July                                     3.23 AM                              11:00 PM

August                                 4:58 AM                               9:22 PM

September                           6:29 AM                               7:33 PM

October                               7:55 AM                               5:48 PM

Average temperature:
 °C                                            °F

May                                        7, 2                                      44, 9

June                                      13, 1                                      55, 6

July                                       15, 2                                      59, 4

August                                   13, 3                                      55, 9

September                             13, 0                                      55, 4

October                                  6,1                                         43,0

In case of an emergency dial 112, but guide and lodge staff will be insistence for any problems that might occur.

If you want to hire fishing equipment, please send us the name and the shoe-size for each individual. And please let us know if a single or double handed rod is preferred.

Please note that fly casting instruction can be arranged by your guide: please let us know to give him advance time.




The cozy lodge rests on a cliff near riverbank with a stunning view over the lower beat and the ocean. The lodge has a dining room and twelve ensuite double rooms. There is a sauna to soak in after a good day fishing. The cuisine is world class with only the best local ingredients, and the welcoming staff ensure you are pampered in every way.