River Kjarra , one of Iceland top salmon rivers , endless space for only 7 rods on the whole river.  Picture is from the upper river on the famous flats , pool after pool all for your self in the wildest nature you can imagine.  Here is all about floating lines , smaller flies and riffling hitches with the finest leaders and delicate tackle.

Kjarra upper section , up at the famous flats , amazing wilderness pool after pool all for your self. All floating lines smaller flies , riffling hitches and fine leaders!

Season is from 5th June until 20th September. Early in the season smaller 12 foot double handed rods might come in handy but later in the summer a single handed rod is the optimal.   Here is Little Vala teasing some big fish up in the mountain at upper Red Rock pool.

The river boasts some of the highest catches of any Icelandic river. The average catch for the past seven years is just under 2800 salmon annually with the best year exceeding 4000 salmon landed. The prime season runs from the last week of June well into September  and in recent years the best weeks on the Thvera/Kjarra have produced over 600 salmon between the two lodges. During the prime period on the river an angler can expect to land between four to six salmon to his rod per day.


The Kjarra itself is 45 km long and is fished with just seven rods on seven private beats that rotate every fishing shift. There are 92 named pools, offering great variety to the angler. The fishing is organised on a three- or six-day basis, commencing mid-afternoon on the first day and ending at noon on the last day of fishing. The river is fly only and catch-and-release, but anglers can take one grilse per rod per day. Here is Little Vala holding a nice female Salmon from the top of the pool Hellgate.

The first spring salmon return to the river of their birth at the end of May. As spring turns to summer the runs of salmon steadily increase until they reach their peak in July. Fishing remains consistent well into August, with fresh runs of salmon still arriving, though in smaller numbers. The season comes to an end in early September with the onset of autumn.

All our guides are English speaking and provide our guests with four-wheel-drive vehicles for transport along the river. Each guide is normally shared by two anglers, but a private guide can be provided upon request.

The lodge features an attractive lounge and dining room, eight twin-bedded rooms, all with private bathrooms and shower. The lodge has central heating, a drying- room and, storage areas for your fishing gear and equipment , sauna and Jacuzzi , all this in the middle of nowhere!

At Kjarra lodge, anglers enjoy a three-course dinner prepared by a renowned team of award-winning chefs from some of the best restaurants in Reykjavik, as well as a continental breakfast in the morning and a two course lunch. The guests are provided with the best there is in Icelandic cuisine and a distinguished selection of wines from around the world. All the meals are prepared using only the freshest ingredients.

Upper Johnson on Kjarra , one of the most productive pool on the river.

Enjoying  the food and great times as always at the Kjarra lodge !

If you want to fish the wonderful Kjarra river contact Arni Baldursson at arnibald@lax-a.is Mobile +354 898 3601

The canyon below the lodge , view to the three Princess pools.

The famous Rettarhylur pool  , one of the very best pools on the whole river.

From beginning of June until early September.

From late June to early August.

Seven rods who fish on seven private beats in rotation. Rod sharing is welcome.

Silver Sheep, Black and Red Francis, Arndilly Fancy, Collie Dog, Green Brahan, Micro Hitch, Sunray Shadow and Small Cone Heads. Fly sizes 12 and 14 are most common.

Single-handed rods and small double-handed rods. Floating line is the norm but good to bring sink tip if the water rises.

Location: West Iceland, just over an hour’s drive from Reykjavik with a distance of 110km.

Fishing season: June 5th – September 5th.

Prime time: July 5th – August 5th

Fishing Hours:

June 5th– August 14th 07:00 -13:00 & 16:00 – 22:00

August 15th – September 17th 07:00 -13.00 & 15:00 – 22:00

Tackle: Single handed rod line wt. 6-8.  Double handed rod early in the season.

Best flies: Sunray Shadow, Collie dog, Green Butt, White Wing, Blue Charm, Snælda, Frances, Blue Charm, Haugur, Krafla

Driving to Kjarra River

97,6 km

Approx. 2 hour.

64°45’15.8″N 21°07’15.7″W

The Kjarra lodge, Vigoll, is set in a dramatic highland scenery featuring a large terrace with great views of the river and its surrounding.  A sauna and Jacuzzi are located on the terrace where one can relax after a day´s fishing. Later one can enjoy a three-course dinner prepared by our renowned team of award-winning chefs.

The lodge features an attractive lounge and dining room, eight twin-bedded rooms, all with private bathrooms and shower. The lodge has central heating, a drying- room and, storage areas for your fishing gear and equipment.