Haukadalsa is a medium sized river with over 40 marked pools. The river covers 8 km from river mouth to the top; many pools are long with riffles which create natural barriers for the salmon on his way to the top.

The plentiful and long gin clear pools in the river provide a great view of the salmon waiting for your riffle hitch to skate over them. And the river and surroundings are breathtakingly beautiful as well, which you will notice if you can take your eyes of the salmon in pool!

One of the biggest advantages of the river is easy accessibility which means you can easily reach each pool on beats 2-5 on foot.

The river is fished with five rods on five beats with one rod on each beat at a time. The 11 year average for the river is 722 salmon caught, that makes it over 1, 6 salmon caught. Haukadalsá rarely gets hit with low water due to the reservoir in the lake at the top which ensures that water levels remain steady.

Location: West of Iceland, less than two hours’ drive from Reykjavik. If you are driving up there on your own you can mark the small town of Búðardalur in your GPS. About 8km before you get to Búðardalur you will come across the bridge over river Haukadalsá.  Before you cross the bridge make a right turn to a gravel road. Follow that road for about 300 meters and then take the first left. The lodge will then be in sight.

Fishing season: June 20th – September 17th.

Prime time: July 15th – August 15th

Fishing Hours:

June 20th– August 15th 07:00 -13:00 & 16:00 – 22:00

August 15th – September 17th 07:00 -13.00 & 15:00 – 22:00

Tackle: Single handed rod line wt. 6-8. Floating line with a sinking tip in some instances.

Best flies: Sunray Shadow, Collie dog, Green Butt, White Wing, Blue Charm, Snælda




Haukadalsa Lodge2

The charming full service lodge is set on the riverbank on beat five with breathtaking views over the sea and river. The lodge is impeccably clean, tasteful and cozy.   Each rod has a private double room with ensuite facilities.

All meals are prepared by an experienced top chef. We use only the finest ingredients available from Icelandic nature and fresh fish from the sea.

Haukadalsa Lodge