The small Hallá River falls in to the Bay of Húnaflói in the North of Iceland. It is a sensitive and small river, where one can be totally on his own.

Hallá is fast flowing and rocky in the lower part, but the upper reaches are mostly slow flowing with cut-bank pools, ideal for fly- fishing with light tackle.

Hallá is a river fished with only two rods, but guests have about 10 km of river to fish. In order to preserve the salmon in Hallá river, the farmers have kept the river closed for several years.

The average catch per season last five years is a little under onehundred salmon.

Catch and release is encouraged in this small and gin- clear river to preserve the enigmatic Salmon that run in Hallá River. The river has a self- catering guesthouse, located about 3km upstream from the mouth of the river, with a view towards the Bay.

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Location: North ( 280 km from Reykjavik )
Fishing season: June 20th to September 20th
Prime time: July 20th to August 20th
Average size of fish: 6 lbs
Guide: Can be arranged
Lodge: Self catering, nice little cottage with 2 bedrooms.
Tackle: Light, single handed rods lines 4 to 6.
Best flies:
Hallá is small and delicate, bring small flies and hitch tubes for early- and mid season fishing: Black & Red Frances (sizes 12 – 18)
Black & Blue (sizes 12 – 18)
Collie Dog (¼ – 1 inch)
Madeleine (sizes 12 – 18)
Green Butt (sizes 12 – 18)
Hitch tubes When autumn chill arrives, the angler should bring the same fly patterns, but as micro cones and/or ½ – 1 inch tubes

Map: Hallá Map

Fishing hours:
June 20th to August 20th,
07:00 – 13:00 and 16:00 – 22:00
August 20th to September 20th
07:00 – 13:00 and 15:00 – 21:00

Hallá lodge is a small, nice and comfortable lodge with two bedrooms (one with twin room and sgl bed and another with bunk beds).  A veranda surrounds the cottage.