Full service

Rivers with full service lodges:

West Ranga – A fairly large river (by Icelandic standards), that yields an incredible number of salmon each year. Average catch returns for the past 3 years is around 10.000 salmon per year. The lodge is being rebuilt for the summer of 2011 and will both comfortable and spacious.

East Ranga – Similar to West Ranga, but with some distinct differences. Catch returns per rod in East Ranga are slightly lower than in her sister river, but the average weight in ER is higher than in WR. The East Ranga lodge is highly ranked among our clients, in peaceful surroundings with a good view over the river.

Blanda – Another river in the north west of Iceland. Blanda is the earliest salmon river in the country, yielding big and powerful salmon throughout June and July and in staggering numbers. In the past years 4 rods have caught 1800 to 2300 salmon in less than 2 months! It’s a big river with big fish, and lots of them (30 – 50%). The lodge is very recent and very comfortable with large bedrooms, 2 Jacuzzi, a sauna and spacious dining – and sitting rooms.