River Deildará in 2020

River Deildará is a fun little three rod river in northeast Iceland. Average catch for the last five years is 241 salmon and last summer the catch was bang on the average with 241 salmon caught.

In addition to the salmon river Deildará and surrounding water system has plenty of good trout fishing with arctic char, crown trout and sea trout.

The river is 7 km in length and is divided in to three beats, one for each rod. The river is easy to access with low grassy banks and no canyons or boulders to navigate.

The self-catering lodge is newly renovated and a new additional lodge has been built, in the new lodge there are three ensuite twin rooms and three in the old lodge . The river is perfect for a family or a  group that wants their very own private river and lodge.

Here you can see more info about the river: River Deildará

We have a few good slots open for 2020

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