River DEE – Scotland 2021

On Monday the first of February Salmon fishing starts on the river DEE , what a privilege to have access to a TOP Salmon river that opens 4 months before the first Salmon river in Iceland is in Season. God I miss river DEE so terrible much , and all the people in the valley , the guides , Restaurants ( Broken Arms is my favorite or what ever the name is of that great pub ) the little cozy Country Hotels such as Tor-Na-Coille Hotel and Banchory lodge and the fellow friends Anglers you meet up and down the Valley. I lost all my fishing this year in Scotland as most of us … 2021 I will recover it all again big time and will fish Scotland more than ever , a lot on the DEE , but I want to plan a great long journey north to the Highlands fishing the little secret gem rivers where Gordon Sim is hiding in the spring for months , Gordon take me with you next March – April and May please …. counting dowm the days now .. great great times coming up!!! , Arni