Prime week on Big Laxa NES

Big Laxa or Laxa in Adaldalur as we call it in Iceland is amongst those rivers all Icelanders are known to. One of those rivers that you have to try in your life as a local growing up here having heard the stories of those big salmon hiding in NES.

I remember the first time I went there to seek the big one. I was completely smitten with the river the first day. It was mainly for reasons I did not expect. The countryside of Big Laxa is quite unique and the people living on nearby farms are friendly and great fun to talk with about the river, especially those who know its long history. The river itself is quite big comparing to many Icelandic rivers so most places require a double handed rod, a boat is even needed for some pools which is unique in Iceland. For those who have fished various places in Iceland know that Iceland is not really known for trees or forests. That is a bit different at Big Laxa – it seems all the trees and forest decided to just stay there for the whole island. It is extremely pretty and different from other places.

The NES beat of Big Laxa is the best beat and this year we are specially offering prime dates 5-8th August 2017. No river in the whole of Iceland produces more salmon in the twenty+ pound range than Big Laxa. The river even has its own club called “The Twenty Pound Club” that grants new members admission each year on the river banks.

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