“Pink Streamer” for Greenland – How to Make

I’ve used this fly in all the different waters around the camp and it’s a “must have” fly in Greenland. It’s quite simple to tie and there are not many different materials or steps that you need to figure out. I’m going to guide you trough it.


The materials used:

Regular Thread (UNI-Thread 8/0)
Extra Heavy Trout hook. (Barbless)
Bead Head (Black)
Flash (Purple)
Ice UV Dubbing
Feather (Hot Pink)
Marabou (Hot Pink

• Attach the tread in the front and then tie the flash from the bead head and back to create a tail. Tie a couple of extra laps.
• Tie in the feather used for creating more volume to the fly.
• Start to apply the dubbing on the thread (I’ve used a dubbing twister)
• Spread the dubbing over the hook and attach it in the front.
• Wind the feather 4-6 times around the body and attach in the front (close to the bead head)
• Take a half feather of marabou and wind it in two laps around the body, in the front.
• Finish of with a knot and some glue.

It’s simple as that! Check out the pictures below.

Simon Nilsson

Fishing guide and Camp Manager Lax-á Camp Greenland