Pedro de la Concha: “East Rangá is a perfect river”

Pedro de la Concha is one of our reurning customers to East Ranga. Is a pleasure for us to have him back with us year after year.

Living in Asturias, North Spain, the southern most region where the atlantic salmon might be found, his skills in salmon fly fishing are second to none. He is also a renowned fly tier, being this his main living activity.

Following a traslation for his letter to our representatives in Spain:

“I fished East Rangá with some friends around 20th august for 5 days. I shared the guide with my fishing mate Juan, our guide Binni was the top of the cake.

In my humble opinion East Ranga is a perfect river for fly and worm fishing, spinning is also allowed but I don’t fish it. Salmon size this year was smaller than 2016, around 3 kg average, but there were big ones too. All the pools have a good population of fish and they were spread all around the river.

The fishing was very good for us one more time, Juan caught 25 and I did 60, so 85 salmons in 5 days. It averages 8,5 fish per ay and rod for our team, not a joke !

I think, and they are a lot of words thrown lately about salmon fishing in this country, Iceland and Russia are the best and most reliable atlantic salmon fishing destinations in the world.

Thank you Laxá.”

Thank you Pedro for trusting Laxá year after year and honour us with your visit.

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