Our new beat in Iceland ASGARDUR SOG

Our  new beat in Iceland , one of my all time favorite 
This is the beat , almost 6 km long for the last few years we are catching 200 to 300 salmon to the 3 rods , beautiful fly water , ideal for floating lines smaller flies and riffling hitch. Lodge is just perfect … sitting right on the river bank overlooking the hot spots on the river.  Lodge , one of the top lodges in Iceland , has Sauna and Jacussi ,   3 twin bed rooms, large veranda overlooking the river.   The river is completely wild ,  all natural spowned Salmon.
Here is info on the river: lax-a.net/sog-asgard.html 
Here is pictures of the Lodge www.facebook.com/arni.baldursson.33#!/media/set/

We do also have a trout section below the salmon section . the trout section is exclusive only for 3 rods ,  excellant large trout and  Searun and native Arctic Charr ,  it could be a idea of taking all the 6 rods , 3 rods Salmon and 3 rods trout and fishing these two beats in a rotation , this will push the average price right down as the Trout rods is very unexpensive ,  info trout here lax-a.net/iceland/fishing-iceland/sog-asgardur-trout.html

If interested let me know , All the best , Arni arnibald@lax-a.is +354 8983601. Picture is from the dining room of the Asgardur lodge,  your view from the veranda is overlooking some of the best pools on the river.