Opening of Lake Þingvallavatn

We went and opened our beat in Lake Þingvallavatn yesterday. The weather conditions were pretty awful as you can see from the picture below shot through the car windshield.

But when in Iceland you just dress accordingly and go fishing! I have never in my life caught anything sitting in the car!

At first the wind was blowing so hard that casting was almost impossible, but then it cleared a little bit. We saw plenty of fish in the surface all over the beat, some of them huge.

When the weather calmed down the fish started to take and we caught six in all. What a great start to the season in Lake Þingvallavatn.

This early in the season the absolute best flies are streamers that mimic the smaller fish the trout feed on. Black ghost is especially lethal and White Nobbler is good as well.

If you want the best in trout fishing Lake Þingvallavatn is absolutely the place to be.

Johann David –