My last day of the season , a very interesting day ….

My last day of the season ,  very interesting day ! 30th of September and the last day of the season on my all time favorite river , Stora Laxá. I left Reykjavik in the afternoon the 29th September for beat no 3 on Stora Laxá , after fishing Stora Laxá a lot this season I knew there where some good number of fish at pool Idan.  When I came to the little lodge I jumped quickly in waders and rushed up to Idan pool ,  very cold northern wind … water at 5 celcius.  Fish where keen on my fly , I had many takes and few lost , eventually I landed 3 salmon including a 86 cm female,  I went very pleased back to lodge … but found it strange how many takes i got and lost fish.  The morning after I knew that there where no reason to go early ,  cold temperatues and very cold water would keep the fish down and lazy.  I started fishing at 11:30 , again many takes , lost fishes and eventually 1 landed, I fished big flies in this could water , but I had doubts that I was doing right, was I fishing to big flies ? was that the reason for all this lost fish and takes? Still I thought I must stay big in this extreme conditions.  All morning I felt that somebody was whispering in my ear … go Katlar pool … go Katlar pool ,  I know Katlar pool very well but it is a bit out of the way and it is not fished often and I have not been there for years , and always very few fish if any in the catch  book , still this voice came again go Katlar pool … last day of the season .. why not! I took my Landcruiser and struggled over the river in a very diffycult place and slowly drove all the way on the big rocks up to Katlar pool , now the wind was down and the sun was out.   I knew i did not need to fish I could simply climbe the cliff and look in to the pool ,  I almost falled off the cliff when I looked in to Katlar pool …. full of big fish!!!  I was over excited … the voice was right … it leaded me all the way up here on the last day of the season to see this ,  I climbed down slowly and fished carefully and landed 2 females 82 and 87 cm ,  I was so thrilled I had landed 6 salmon the last day of the season … and from Stora Laxá ,  I decided to stop fishing so happy I was , I packed my things and start driving back to Reykjavik for a great long time planned dinner with Vala.  20 minutes after I left the lodge mobile phone rings … it is Johann from Lax-a office telling me that I have the change to fish beat 1 and 2 in the afternoon as there will be noone there the last half day of the season,  I said no no no my season is closed and I am happy  , after another 10 minutes I had a second thoght , I turned the vehicle back up to Stora Laxa and called the office saying I am fishing for an hour or two !  I started at Ofaerustreingur pool ,  very cold water so I was using 5 cm long Sunray Shadow , a very heavy one ,  I fished through Ofaerustreingur and again .. many takes , some lost and two smaller fish landed .. and I thought again am I fishing to big ? Can not be … water is freesing cold I have to stay big and heavy. Next pool is Bergsnos pool , again many takes some lost and one Big female landed 86 cm ,  now down to Fjosahvammur upper and lower … many takes and 2 smaller fish landed.  I had planned to fish Laxárholt as the last pool for the afternoon and then come home in time for Vala´s dinner.  I arrived to Laxárholt pool , hope less conditions , no wind at all , pool is looking like a shining mirror … I should go home now … light was getting a bit less so that helped I thought …  NO I am not going home,  now I am going to make a test if i was wrong all the time fishing biggish flies ! I take out a smaller delicated rod , full floater , long long leader with 0.28 tipped , on the end I put a tiny little tube green higlander hook 14 ,  I start fishing ….  I missed Vala´s dinner by far … i had one of the best moment in my salmon life , here in Laxárholt I landed 7 big salmon in a row , biggest 96 cm long , no lost fish or false takes , all landed ,  I was wrong all the time , the salmon wanted small fly in this tough conditions. This was my last day of the season thank you Stora Laxá for 18 Salmon to closing my season, something to remember for a long time. I came home in pitch dark very hungry … it was worth it.  Arni Baldursson  Picture is of Katlar pool yesterday 30th of September.