Memories are special moments that tell our story

Sometimes it feels as life passes by at the speed of lighting and before we know it the year is out and we look back at the memories. Sometimes happy and sometimes we wish we had done more of the fun things. As they say; we never knew we were making memories, we just knew we were having fun.

I spent a lot of time fishing with my daughter the past summer, when I look back, I never realised how those summer days would warm up my cold winter days with all the memories. The best memory was of her first salmon, it was special both because it was my, at the time, 8-year-old daughters first salmon on the fly and especially special because it was caught on my favourite river, at my favourite beat and at my favourite pool. Stora Laxa beat 4 at Heimahylur. After she landed it, and I had a mild panic-happy-proud-nostalgia attack, we high 5-ed each other, hugged and she said: “let’s do that again, mom”. Before I could finish explaining to her that salmon fishing was hard but rewarding, and nothing was given, especially at this place and it might take hours, even days to catch the next one… she hooked another one! Safe to say I saved the rest of my speech until the indefinite.

Salmon fishing in Iceland, Stora Laxa

Beat 4 of Stora Laxa

In Iceland we have an old tradition to bite the fin off of the first salmon you land. My daughter was fully aware and was quite crossed when I told her to release it, once she did though and watched it swim back, she seemed to have realised the feeling of releasing the salmon. I did not have to ask her to release salmon after that, except a small one at another river she killed instantly, her explaining was simply, she was hungry and we had not stopped at the store for dinner grocery shopping! Speechless and happy I cooked salmon for her that night.

Now, 109 days until salmon season starts. But who´s counting…..

If you have not booked your fishing trip for the summer I would be happy to make some suggestions as we have a few rods available still at our rivers, both for salmon and trout. For more information please contact: or

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