Many days, many rivers!

If you are looking at a diverse trip we have just the thing for you. We can offer a combo trip to the Asgard in river Sog and then Stora Laxa either one beat or more.

The Sog Asgard is  a three rod beat in the river Sog which gave almost 300 salmon in 2018. The beat has a stunning self-catering lodge with a view over the river.

Here you can read more about: Sog Asgard

Stora Laxa is around one hours drive from Asgard. The river has four beats with 2-4 rods on each beat and self-catering lodges.. The beats are very diverse and each one offers beautiful pools and amazing scenery.

Here you can read about the topmost beat – Stora Laxa 4 which is absolutely stunning.

We can offer a few dates in 2019 for combination trips of Asgard and Stora Laxa.

Tight Lines

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