Many come to Iceland for its great Salmon Fishing

And for good reason.  But Iceland also boasts some of the best Brown Trout, Sea Trout and Arctic Char fishing on Earth. And it is easy to fish all on the same trip. In fact, it is only 5 hours door to door and you can be fishing the same day you arrive. And while Iceland is a relatively small country, it has innumerable rivers, streams and lakes so whichever direction you travel you are going to find great fishing. You can come for a Salmon trip for sure as there are none better, but you could also do a Salmon/Char trip, a Char/Brown Trout trip. a Salmon / Char/ Sea Trout trip or all at the same time.

The possibilites are endless and the variety immense.  Accommodations can be made in world class lodges with gourmet cuisine and impecable service or get away on you own with family and friends to a cozy self catered cabin on the banks of a private stream. It will be an adventure either way with friendly Icelanders who speak perfect English and are willing to share their beautiful surroundings with visitors. You call the shots, we can put together the details which will meet all your needs. The season will bre here before you know it and spaces fill quickly as you might imagine.