Make your own stories with a fishing trip of a lifetime

When I was growing up naturally I was told many great fishing stories by my father, Arni Baldursson. They were told with great enthusiasm and I would of course sit and listen. In my early years, as a baby, I‘m told that my father read fishing magazines to me. Without ever realizing it of course I became fond of fishing and why not, it is a fantastic sport and what a thrill ! As I grew my father travelled more around the globe for fishing and told the family stories when he was back. He started to go to Russia some years ago, since then he seems to be unstoppable. Neverending stories about the big ones in Russia and pictures to see. I think my two year old daughter believes her grandfather is Indiana Jones.

After seeing pictures and hearing so many stories of Russia and of course working on administration in Russia for some years now I am very fond of the fishing there. We are very well booked for Russia this season, a few rods left and that is it. Our plan is to have the rivers completely full for all fishermen to enjoy the big ones.
A few rods are left for the Lower Yokanga river, the big and rough pearl of the northern rivers. Many do not know that it was only in 2007 this lower section of the river became accessible to foreign anglers. Join us for the thrill of catching the big one !

Valgerdur Arnadottir