Large salmons and a lots of them

If you are looking for some serious action next summer, you should come to the Blanda river. In June and July you will be hard pressed to find better fishing in Iceland, whether it‘s the numer of salmon caught or the size. A staggering three-quarters af all salmon caught in June are multi-winter salmon, ranging from 10 to 20 pounds (and over). This past season over 460 salmon were caught in Blanda in June alone, on 4 rods! In July over 1500 salmon were coght on those same rods, you can imagine the action on the banks.
We‘ve also started to see the good old Blanda monsters returning, salmon well over the 25 and 30 pound mark. The are, however, rarely landed – but many anglers were left on the bank this summer shaking and stuttering: „did you see the size of that thing?“.
So if you are partial to big salmon in large quantities, and love fighting them in hard currents – you should pay Blanda a visit next summer. The lodge is an added bonus, built in recent years it has everything you could want after a hard days fishing, a spacious and comfortable sitting room, 2 jacuzzi‘s, a sauna and most importantly a good atmosphere.