Kola river Russia

We have been going to Kola for many years and the reason is quite simple! Big salmon, huge salmon, that trophy salmon you dream of, they live there and many are caught each year.

Arni Baldursson caught the salmon of his dreams in the beginning of June in the Kola River – a 45 pound beast. And there are a few of those about. Each summer several fish in the 40p plus bracket are caught and fish 30p + are not unusual.

Fishing in the Kola is one of the most convenient choices available in Russia. The river is only about an hour’s drive from Murmansk so there is no need for a helicopter.

We will be going to Kola in June 2017, that is is the absolute prime to get those trophy salmon that run first.

Grab the opportunity for the chance to catch that salmon of your dreams.

Jóhann Davíð will gladly help you with enquiries – jds@lax-a.is