Joes Fishing in Iceland Q&A!

We at lax-A are often asked about the fishing in Iceland in general.  Here are a few of the most common questions answered.

Q: Why is it so expensive to fish in Iceland?

A: Not all rivers are expensive, but many are. The full service rivers usually cost more and prime time is more expensive. The simple answer to why, is that they are privately owned and river management is much stricter than elsewhere. In addition, they are the best salmon rivers in the world. In a top river you have very few rods fishing at once. You will maybe have a couple of kilometers just for yourself and your rod.  And you will have plenty of fish in rested pools. That usually equals good catch.

Q: When can I fish?

A: almost all of the rivers in Iceland have a lodge included, either a self-catering or a full service one. That is the reason for why the fishing usually starts and ends at noon. In the height of summer the normal plan is like this: You can arrive in the lodge at 15:00 and then you start fishing at 16:00 and fish until 22:00. Then there is late dinner and off to bed or… on the whole days you will fish from 07-13 and then there is a lunchbreak from 13-16, you fish again from 16:00 – 22:00. On you last day you will fish from 7-13, have lunch and return home.

Q: Can i bring my rod and waders to Iceland.

A: Yes you can but you will have to have them disinfected at the customs at the airport in Iceland. You can also save time and have them disinfected at home but then you need to bring a certificate with you.

Q: I am an experienced angler, do need a guide.

A: We always recommend one; you have travelled a long way and paid good money to be in Iceland. It is not a good investment to spend precious time finding the best pools and methods on your own. Our guides are truly experts in their field and know the rivers extremely well. A guide can be the difference from zero to hero.

Q: Are their mosquitos in Iceland?

A: Glad to tell you there are none

Q: When is prime time?

A: Prime time differs from river to river; in general it is from July 15th – August 15th.

I would love to answer more of your questions if you have any.

Johann David –