Invest in your Soul …. Go Greenland …..

This is our Lax-a Camp in Greenland , located on the south tip of Greenland in the wildest nature you can imagine. Surrounded by glaciers and wild pristine rivers full of fish, roaming herd of Caribou all over the concession. This place is packet with action , you can fish many different rivers , Saltwater fishing at the home waters around the Camp , hunting for Caribou , Musk Ox , Arctic Hares , Ptarmigan , hiking .. sight seeing the Viking trails etc etc , this is the perfect place to go and invest in your soul !!! We are open all of July , August and September. Direct flight from Iceland to Narsarsuaq Greenland and back to Iceland two times a week , every Tuesday and Saturday through out the season. If you want to Invest in your Soul then please contact Arni at mobile +354 898 3601