In the search for the biggest brown trout on the planet

As most Trout fishing anglers of this world know already is that Iceland is one of the best destinations for brown trout fishing with a dry fly and small nymphs one can find, the season is early June through august. What most anglers don´t know is that in the spring time, in the month of may, the legendary Iceage brown trout stock in Lake Þingvallavatn starts to search for food on the surface and meets our flies!! You have the chance of fighting a 10-30 lbs Brown trout every day and even more then 1 a day!! Can you imagine the fight?

Think of this dear angler…

You are all alone in a spot in a huge lake late evening.. all the migrant brids have arrived, singing their songs, the midnight sun is amazing to see, It´s cold and your fingers should be num..But you are so warm because all around you there are monster Ice Age browntrouts surfacing for flies.! The lake is one mirror around you and you can see these shark sized brownies all around you..

What to do…?? It´s simple.. Contact Lax-a staff, for the longer version of the story, prices and all information..