Greenland Info….

Greenland fishing pre trip information
Introduction: Laxá operates luxorious camp in south Greenland or here to be excact: N60° 57’ 14.63’’ ; W046°
56’ 57.43’’ We offer both angling and hunting tours.
Hotels & sights: We can help with booking hotels prior and after the trip to Greenland as well as any sightseeing
you may want to add. Please take a look at our suggested hotels file.
Flights: For booking flight tickets from Iceland to Narsarsuaq Greenland best to use
For Greenland you depart from Reykjavik airport, RKV and you arrive in Narsarsuaq, UAK. Please
note when booking your tickets to Iceland, that the flights to Greenland leave around noon and
arrive back in Iceland in the afternoon around 5 pm. You may have to overnight in Iceland on both
Transport: We can organise meet&greet at Keflavik int.aiport at the cost of 250 US$ pr. car. There are also
plenty of taxis outside the terminal building.
Narsarsuaq: In the arrival hall in the airport a representative from the company Blue Ice will greet you and
transport you to the harbour. From Narsarsuaq harbour there is a scenic three hours boatride to
the camp. During the boatride you can spot Seals, Eagels, Whales and remote villages and of course
lot of icebergs.
The Lax-á Camp:
• 8 cabins, 16 beds
• Made up beds and towels
• Full equipped kitchen
• Sea- and mountain view
• Outdoor area with terraces
• BBQ’s and open fire
• Fishing, hunting, sightseeing in the area
• Outdoor and wilderness camp with all modern facilities
• Shared bathroom facilities; 6 WC, 4 showers
• Sauna
• Full board and lodging (drinks excluded)
PLEASE NOTE that wine supply in Greeland can be very limited, so if you enjoy wine we recommend that you
buy your allowance in the duty free in Reykjavik before boarding the plane to Greenland.
Departure day: Breakfast and preparation for departure. If time allows, guests can fish for Arctic Char before
transfer to Narsarsuaq Airport.
Fishing: LAX-Á staff can arrange an Arctic adventure that will fulfill your every desire. Our professional
guides in Greenland will look after you from the start of your journey until the end so you will have
the experience of a lifetime. Non-fishers are welcome at our camp with great hiking, sightseeing
and other activities in the area.
What to take with:
Fishing gear:
• Waders & wading shoes
• Single hand rod & reel light gear #4-7 weight
• Lines: All floating lines
• Leaders/ tippets: 0.22mm to 0.28 mm
• Flies: Streamers, nymphs both light unweighted nymphs and also weighted bead head nymphs, dry-flies ,
natural colours is good , Brown , Black , Green , Olive Green
• Best size flies and nymphs: 10-12-14-16
• Wind-tight and waterproofed outwear, preferable Gore-Tex or similar breathable gear.
• Layered clothing is recommended
• Warm sweater, i.e., fleece or wool
• Long underwear – merino wool or similar
• Gloves
• Hat
• Waterproofed hiking shoes
• Light shoes for the camp area
• Slippers to use inside the cabin
• Thick socks
• Extra clothes to change
• Outfit for sauna
Other things to remember:
• Sunglasses / Snowmobile goggles
• Mosquito spray (July and August) or Allergy (histamine) tablets.
• Mosquito net over head
• Sun lotion
• Lip-balsam
• Hygiene products; toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo, soap etc.
• Medicine (painkillers etc.)
• ‘On the go’ closed bottle for water etc.
• Camera
• Pocket knife
• Small backpack
• Light binoculars
• Flashlight/headlight
• 220v adaptor