Greenland Fishing

The fishing season in Greenland starts in early July when the fish start to run up the rivers and lakes. At this time of the year the fish is super aggressive and puts up a great fight. The number of fish in the area is unbelievable and the views are astonishing. Clear rivers and lakes full with the beautiful Arctic Char really is a dream coming true. The camp area is located in a beautiful bay with the closest river just a few minutes away. Come and enjoy the Greenlandic atmosphere and professional service.

Here are a few comments from our guests in Greenland:

„Wonderful trip of a life time.We got our Caribou as well as Arctic Char. We loved the camp and the whole experience and found the accommodations to be the very best“ Alan Bakke, USA

„This was one big adventure that will not easily be forgotten. My wife and I are already planning our next trip“ HaraldurGunnlaugsson, Iceland

„Thank you for some great days in Greenland. It was most enjoyable and your camp manager and your guides were excellent. I have already recommended the trip to my friends“ Svein Eggen, Norway

„Our trip to Greenland was a success in every way. The camp was outstanding and the staff too. It was great to take a dip in the sea and go to the sauna after a long and successful day of hunting“
Páll Jónsson, Iceland

„Everything was great! Not just the fishing but the whole experience. The facilities are totally unique! Thank you for giving us the opportunity of getting to know Greenland“ AlexanderSmárason, Iceland

For questions or further information, please contact:

All my best,
Valgerdur Arnadottir