Greenland Arctic Char Fishing in 2020

Greenland is an amazing destination. It is like the last frontier, a place where you can truly be one with nature.

Greenland is also blessed with rivers absolutely packed with arctic char. I am telling you, it is possible to catch up to 100 per day sometimes. The char are very aggressive and pound for pound they fight extremely hard. Average size is 3-4 pound but they can be up to 10 pounds, the one i am holding on the picture is an angry 8 pound male in spawning colors.

Lax-A has a unique camp located in the middle of nowhere in southern Greenland. The camp is absolutely unique as it has all amenities and comfort in the outback of the Greenland nature. Accommodation is in comfortable twin cabins, there is a main house for dining and socializing, hot running water, electricity and even a sauna. The food is delicious and as organic as you will get all locally sourced from nature.

You can read about the camp in more detail here: 

Once you try Greenland you will long back again and again and that is definitely the case where i am concerned.

I will host a four day trip to our camp in September 2020 at a good price and i would be delighted to have you on board.

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