Great news report about Greenland from Simon Nilson Camp Manager !

What’s Greenland like? I’ve been asked that questions many times and I still haven’t got a good answer for it. Greenland is so much bigger, more beautiful and spectacular than words can describe. You have to be here and experience it. I’ve had so many amazing moments in Greenland and there’s nothing like it.

The season of 2014 kicked of in July with incredible fishing. The weather was at out favour for almost 6 weeks with sun, warm temperatures and calm winds. However some of the fishing spots became slow as a result of the low water level and high temperatures in the rivers. It has been the warmest summer in many years.


Now it’s September and the northern lights is dancing in the dark night. The fishing season has almost come to an end and the Arctic Char is in its most beautiful spawning colours. The weather is turned in to slightly colder and we even get some rain from time to time. The autumn has the coloured the surroundings and we have shorter days.

All and all the season of 2014 has been a huge success with many stories charred, good food and friendships. We’ve spent many evenings by the fireplace laughing and enjoying the company of wonderful people from all over the world. We’ve experienced true nature and the amazing views of Greenland.

The Lax-Á staff in Greenland thanks you for a great season and we hope to see you all soon.

Best regards,
Simon Nilsson
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All my best,
Valgerdur Arnadottir