Great catch in Tungufljot trout beat

Þorsteinn was fishing the Tungufljot trout beat recently, this photo is from now, late June of Þorsteinn with a beautiful 63cm trout.

Lax-á team is proud to offer this trout fishing beat to all of our enthusiastic anglers aking for big trout. The trout beat is a combination of 3 small rivers running into one big one. As you know the brown trout can be difficult to catch since he is quite aware when the fly hits the surface. The river is quite big so there are many different pools to try out, some are long and deep stretches, others just small mirror pools in a roundebout..

And thats one of the hidden secrets of this river, it has so many pools to fish that you almost never fish the same pool more then once in 3 days, unless of corse it´s packed with good sized fish..

The best methood to fish the river is to walk upstream and fallow rising fish, the size of the fish in the Tungufljot river indicates that there is a good variety of food around in the river system as well as there is a lot of spots with hot water running in from underground, always hot spots for the fishing..

Best time to go to Tungufljot is June – July and August, but in may and september you can always get fish as well. We opperate many summerhouses in the area that are suitable for 2-4 anglers at a time, they are self catering, fully equipped with linin and a nice jacuzzy to relax in after a hard day fishing the river. This river is also perfect for a daytour only an hour from the capital.